Myrtle Beach is an excellent place to visit year after year, season after season. The mild weather, variety of attractions, miles of beaches, and restaurants to please every palate makes this a year-round destination for families, couples, and groups.

Tips for Budgeting for your Myrtle Beach Vacation

1. Coupon Books

If you’re looking to visit any of the theaters, attractions or restaurants while in town, pick up one of the popular coupon books and flip through it for deals. Chances are, you’ll find a great coupon to reduce your price of admission, get a free appetizer, or a shopping discount. Popular coupon books include the Monster Coupon Book and Sunny Day Guide.

2. Ask the front desk about things to do and deals.

The Myrtle Beach area offers plenty of free activities, festivals, fireworks, movie nights, and more – and asking for recommendations at the front desk is a great way to find out from a local the popular things to do around town that don’t cost a dime.

3. Talk to us about owning your vacation for one low fee each year.

We offer six different vacation ownership options to suit every type of vacation and budget. Once you own your Myrtle Beach vacation, you pay one fee for seven nights at the resort of your choice – and you can pay that all at once, or break up payments and pay a little bit each month. Our resorts are far cheaper than hotels, and offer spacious accommodations with kitchens, so you can save money by cooking meals in your condo.

4. Cook your meals.

Even though the Grand Strand has amazing restaurants, dining out can be expensive! Stock up on groceries and cook some or all of your meals in your condo to save money on meals.

5. Research & Plan Things to Do.

Check out all of the fun things to do in Myrtle Beach, and plan a dream itinerary including all of your favorites. Create a budget around your favorites so you have an expectation of what you will be able to spend, and what you should consider omitting. You can always come back and try something new the next year!

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